Collaborate, grow and create

Open Closed Centro

5 Oriente #612
(222) 125 39 76

24 hrs

Imagine everything turned on its head: somewhere where the coffee is free, and you pay just for the space. A place where you are not ignored nor do you ignore, a place where you mix and share. A place where you do not wait for things to happen, things just happen and you connect. This is Workósfera. It is not only a coworking space, but one where the 9-5 fades away and a flexible model of collaboration comes into force.

Divided into two spaces, the Workósfera’s hardware consists of physical spaces (meeting rooms, private areas) and the software is the soul, the motor, the people that occupy it (professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs). Located in the centre of the city, in a large house alongside Casa Nueve and Mostovoi, you’ll be emerged in a sense of neighbourhood and belonging you’d always hoped for.